Term Fees

Term Fees Information

All term fees must be completed and paid 48hrs prior to class commencement. If fees have not been received the student will be unable to participate in the class.

Trial class information:

All new enrollments are entitled to 1 class trial per genre in their first week of commencement. Full term fees are then required after the first week of trial classes to continue their enrollment. Your trial fee will come off your total term fee.

$15 for 1 class genre

$10 for each additional genre trial and/or sibling/parent in the first week.

Full term fees:

$160 for 1 class

$110 for each additional class and/or sibling/parent

Processing Fee

For each transaction when enrolling online:

Credit card - $1.50

PayPal - 2.4%

Kindy Dance class - CASH ONLY

Drop in - $10 per class

Term fee - $80 per term 

We accept the NT Sports Vouchers. All voucher numbers must be given upon online enrollment for processing and handed in during the first week of class. If not provided with enrollment you will not be processed and will not be able to participate in class.

There will be no refunds to term fees, no exceptions!