Other Studio Information

Drink Bottles are to be brought to every class. It is important for the student to stay well hydrated.

Class Absences

It is important that students do not miss classes when possible. Students are learning new choreography for their dances every week and it can be frustrating for the students and others in the class if they are falling behind due to absences. If the student will be absent due to sickness, holidays, etc, as a common courtesy we would appreciate an email text or phone call. That way we know what is happening and if there are too many absences for the class we can cancel.

Please note that fees must still be paid in full if you are absent.

Leaving the studio

Please let us know if the student decides to leave the studio even after the trial class. This way we can keep track of numbers in the class and availability. You may still be charged for classes if you do not let us know. Of course we would love for all of our existing students to stay but for many different reasons students do leave and we would appreciate being informed of this.


Classes will close during the school holidays. Classes will be on during most public holidays unless they run into school holidays. We will let you know about public holidays as they come up.