We perform at least twice through the year. At the NT Dance Eisteddfod held in June and our end of year concert held end of November, beginning of December at the Darwin Entertainment Centre.

For those new to a dance studio, before you decide to permit yourself or children to perform please be aware that there will be extra expenses involved. Each class by the end of the year will have 2 dances and therefore 2 costumes. Costumes will be under $100 each. We will let you know when costume fees will need to be paid but it is normally within term 1 and term 3.

When approaching the end of the year there will be an extra fee for the rehearsals and to watch the concert. In saying this we try to keep all the extra costs mentioned above as low as possible.

Performing is the best part of dancing. It is great to see all that hard work in class pay off. It is such an exciting experience for students really building on their confidence and allowing them to feel a part of a team. If you decide that you would like to be a part of the performances you must try to make as many classes as possible leading up to them. If you do not show up for a performance without having a good reason, or letting us know of this reason, you will not be permitted to perform with us in the future. It is a team effort and lets down that team when students do not show up. If you decide you do not wish to be involved in performances, please let us know also.

Shoes for Performances:

All Hip Hop and Hip Hop/Jazz Classes - Plain black jazz joggers, normal joggers or sand shoes for performances, unless stated otherwise. They can be purchased at k-mart, big W or Target. If you do not have the correct shoes the student/s will not be able to perform.

Jazz and Musical Theatre Classes - Black Jazz Shoes. They can be purchased from 'DanceWorld'. If you do not have the correct shoes the student/s will not be able to perform.

Twinkle Stars (3:30pm Monday class) - Will need ballet shoes for their dances. They may be purchased from ‘DanceWorld’ in Winnellie or you can try online. If you do not have the correct shoes the student/s will not be able to perform.

Contemporary 8 yrs and over - Bare feet for performances ONLY.

Ballet - The ballet shoes that you wear to class.

Acrobats - Bare feet

Tap - Please ensure you are wearing sand colour Mary-Jane shoes and that they are cleaned and re-pained if needed before the performance. Boys: Black lace-ups.

Singing - Will be advised by Teacher.

Stockings for Performances:

All students will be required to wear stockings. This excludes boys! If you do not have the correct stockings the student/s will not be able to perform. They can be purchased from ‘DanceWorld’ in Winnellie. Please ask for the style below so they are all the same

All Hip Hop Classes and Tap Classes - CT27-Skin coloured footed tights

Acrobats & Contemporary Classes (excludes Twinkle Stars) - You will need Footless skin coloured tights. If you are in multiple classes you will need convertible tights – CT30 Kids & AT30 Adults

Twinkle Stars - Classic Dance Tight in mid pink colour-CT30 (May be purchased from DanceWorld)

Ballet - The stockings that you wear to class.

Hair & Make-up for Performances

Hair - All students, excluding ballet and boys, must wear hair in a pony-tail (mid-range). Ballet students are to wear their hair in a mid-range bun, boys can either slick their hair back or spike it up. All hair must be gelled or sprayed back and pinned, no loose ends and NO fringes. If your hair is not long enough for a pony tail it must be slicked back or placed in pig tails.

Make-up - Full make-up must be worn, even for younger students, optional for boys. Make-up to be worn: Foundation, blush, brown/neutral eye-shadow, eyeliner, mascara and red coloured lipstick. Please see below example of make-up.


Underwear and Jewellery for Performances

Underwear - Please ensure underwear is of a neutral colour and CANNOT be seen sticking out or through the costume.

Jewellery - NO jewellery is to be worn.