All new enrolments are available in Term 1 and term 3. No new enrolments are available for Terms 2 and 4.

  • Please feel free to come in and chat with us prior to class beginning but after this you will need to leave for the duration of the class. All classes are closed classes as it is very distracting for students participating in the class with people watching. We do however allow families in for the last 5mins of term 1 and 3 to watch and film the dances so that students can practise at home. We also ask that parents refrain from watching through the doors and windows, including siblings, as this can also be distracting to the class.
  • Class age cut off: All students must have turned the age specified for the class by April of the year enrolling into.
  • We follow the NT Public school holidays & are open for all public holidays unless specified otherwise.

All Classes are closed - No Parents/Family members/Friends are to be in the Studio during classes